red magic 5g release date review

Red Magic 5g release date review is a gaming phone made by Nubia ’s gaming department. This phone is the first game console and the second is a smartphone. It has a relatively large display, no notch and no camera hole, and powerful 4D. With haptic feedback, front-facing stereo speakers and a sizable battery, Red Magic 5g is probably the most spot value value of any gaming phone release by any company since the start of the gaming phone trend. The display of the Red Magic 5g gaming phone has a diagonal of 6.65 inches and its name is 1080 x 2340 pixels. The display panel uses AMOLED technology with an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9. Due to the size of these pixels and inches, the device has a pixel density of 388ppi.

red magic 5g

red magic 5g release date review

The display is equippe with a screen saver, pre-installed on the unspecified generation of Gorilla Glass tempered glass. We have some 90Hz display actions here. This is the image refresh rate, not the touch refresh rate. This 90Hz refresh rate is suitable for Many pre-selected games and any games you want to assign to the system. Like the champion of Razer phone ’s display refresh rate, this Red Magic 3 phone offers a better experience than other phones. If you spend a lot of time in Games, watching movies or interacting with the media on your smartphone. These phones with a refresh rate of over 60 will make the world different. Now if only Red Magic 3 can choose to keep it at 90, it would be cool.

The display of this phone is very good but the pixels are not particularly dense. Due to the standard layout of the home screen provided by the phone at the beginning, everything feels a bit too large, but once we make some adjustments, unfortunately for hardcore gamers In terms of this device becoming a victim of the trend of ultra-curved corners, this doesn’t seem to be a negative factor for most users, but if you really want to take advantage of a large display, a completely sharp rectangular display will be the best cash register the way.

red magic 5g review

red magic 5g review

For hardcore gamers and all users, fortunately this phone will not be a victim of the notch trend. Nor will be a trend to cut hole in the camera display instead Red Magic provides enough bezels to accommodate. The front camera and sensor provide a flat display during this process. We use the Xiaolong 85 processor internally. There is no microSD card slot on this machine. So you will be trapped outside the door. Which means 64, 128 or 256GB internal storage with 6,8 or 12GB RAM, respectively. The phone is very similar to Xiaomi Black Shark 2 in terms of raw processing power, because they use the same SoC. Black Shark 2 has an absurd mode. This Red Magic 3 can provide a full set of Performance Mode options.

red magic 5g release date review – For games available for Android, you will get too much processing power. This is not Crysis. I bet this phone can really play Crysis. But we have no good reason to go there. I mentioned that there may not be various cases of this type of phone from a third-party manufacturer as a negative factor in this review, this is not an Apple people will not sell whole-hearted smartphone cases designed for this model Red Magic 3 is too niche for those who need enough cases to guarantee third-party creators’ manufacturing operations.

The positive aspects of the accessories and peripheral components are the additional hardware Nubia / Red Magic has make for this device, unfortunately we haven’t try it-but the pogo pins on the side of the phone show great potential, and the Red Magic gaming space is what this device really is Set aside, flip the red switch in the upper right corner of the phone to enter the game space. This basically transforms the phone from Android to Nubia’s own software environment. A game space where all buttons and gestures are put into the game. For example, I usually see navigation buttons when I slide in from the bottom of the device display. When I use this Red Magic 3 phone and the Game Space switch is activate, I no longer get those navigation buttons when I swipe the card, instead I Got a game-oriented options console.

red magic 5g release date review -The speed and reliability of this game space, the speed of startup, the nature of the software that is always available, and the perfect implementation remind me of using XBox and everything feels normal. In the case that most Android game hardware is mainly focused on hardware, let Android exist here. Nubia has established a system where software and hardware work together to make the experience truly professional. The bumper buttons give me the same solidity when they are activate and While I was clicking, feeling the haptic feedback and seeing them work flawlessly on the screen, I like I had a device whose creators were committ to making high-quality products.

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