first copy of watch like Rolex Hublot…

first copy of watch- At that time, young people in their twenties and twenties were not very cold. First copy of watch like rolex, they had no concept. Second, they felt that wearing something on their wrists was very obstructive. There were two Tissots, one Tissot sport black plate and one Tissot classic. T035. The former was beaten by a brother with a punch in the experience class on the day of Muay Thai. And the latter was so scared that he would never dare to wear it in the study for 10 years.

In my thirties, I have a little spare money, and I want to buy a small gadget that can maintain the value and be able to pretend. After all, there are only so many men. At first, I thought about Wenwan, not a few years ago. The fire was a mess, and I spend more than 100,000 with a set of skewers-sea yellow green pine south red horns, teeth, what value piled up, my wife laughed at me like a Tibetan upstart. Later, I took a look at the selfie. It was really low energy. In addition, I did n’t have time to play, so I threw it there. Now no one wants 50% off.

It may be more in line with temperament to think about whether you also learned design background or decided to make complexity simple.

Friends who play performance cars together often send selfies wearing a watch and a car in the circle of friends. Looking at it is also in line with their aesthetics, and it is a big force.

At the time of the car party, all kinds of AP water ghost PP Hublot also played one by one. And then combined the strength of the wallet to lock the Panda Di 116500 black plate that was already very hot at the time, but did not expect that TMD was so hot.

first copy of watch

When I wanted to buy it, I was fired up. I contacted friends and relatives around the world who might have a way to find it. London, East Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, etc., all said that it was impossible to buy at a public price. Still too young), of course, it is also possible that my circle is not strong enough, in the end I still find a dealer, starting price of 110,000.

After wearing it for half a year, I was pull down by a friend and my dad to forcibly accept it because it didn’t matter if the relationship was good.

Because I was used to wearing a watch, I suddenly felt a little embarrassed. I wanted to buy Panda Di for the price of thirteen to fourteen, and asked about fifteen days later.
My personal opinion: I like it and I can afford it. In fact, I can accept price increases. After all, the market is there. But my TM couldn’t accept being tease again and again and gave up 116500. It seems that I still like Daytona. I directly looked for precious metals. After comparing Yu Wenle and Green Pan Jindi, they entered 116509 platinum gray noodles at the same dealer.

The starting price is 196,000.

116509 is a lot heavier than 116500. It ’s okay to wear it. After all, one platinum and one ceramic + steel, the difference in texture is still visible to the naked eye.
Later, chat and traders say, if I had bought a green plate Kindi now earn tens of thousands, I said I was 10 years to come up with all their savings to buy bitcoins now riding Yanmar sea breeze blowing up in LA ……

unlikely I like the calendar display on the dial, which is quite neat, and will open a small window for you to tell you what day it is. . . Slightly obtrusive.
The next target is a meteorite plate in Cola Circle 116719. It is said that it will be available in a few months. See if there is any money in your pocket.

No matter whether you are expensive or not, the friends of the heaven and the family are a family, and they write casually, only representing their own preferences and choices.

I have always felt that Ditona should have contrast in the colors of the three circles. To be honest, Jindi’s entire disk is too flashy, and rarely dresses in daily life. It is really strange to match casual clothes! This is a heart attack. Jianjin should have bought a white plate and started with a black plate. Personally, that style is not suitable.

The weather was surprisingly good on the weekend, and finally the spring look finally arrived. This Platinum Din really did like it very much. It is versatile, grayer than Gangdi, moderate in weight, excellent in texture, and classic Daytona on the plate. There is no extra element on the surface of the disk. It is durable, and the outer ring is also platinum.

I remember when I was reading, I accidentally saw a mechanical first copy of watch on social networks and was hooked. Not Rolex, of course. I was 19 years old when I noticed that Rolex. I still remember Gangdi Black Noodle (discontinued), but I chose Panerai instead of him. Now regret it now.

Yaa I know that if your first copy of watch are the copy as like a rolex and other top brand you are lookin so cool.

The new customized version of Rolex Daytona’s exclusive Cal.4130 automatic winding movement, the thickness is the same as the authentic, all functions are 100% fully realized, the unprecedented use of customized KIF shock absorbers, the whole machine according to the real Cal.4130 Movement design, three-layer substrate from chamfer to sun pattern completely 1: 1 respect the original design,.

most profitable business in 2020.

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