activa 6g launch date in india

activa 6g launch date in india- As of fiscal 2019, Honda Activa had sales of 30,088,334 units, 4% lower than the previous fiscal year’s sales, but this popular self-propelled scooter has well maintained its market segment. As more and more autonomous scooters enter the market, market dynamics and customer preferences are constantly changing. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is working on the next generation of Activa, which aims to address a changing market.

Honda Activa 6G is expect to be announce at the 2020 Auto Expo in February. It will be updated not only in design but also in engine and driving dynamics. Automatic scooters will reach the exhibition hall on the BS-VI deadline (April 1, 2020).

What’s new in the next generation of Activa? Connectivity will be one of the main aspects of the 2020 Honda Activa. The next iteration will bring many new features, which may be a pleasant surprise.

6g activa new model

Technical specifications are scarce at the moment, but Activa is likely to retain its time to prove 110 cc air-cooled HET (Honda Eco Technology) engines and CVT. The engine may abandon the carburetor in favor of more precise electronic fuel injection to meet BS-VI emissions standards. EFI will not only reduce emissions, but also improve fuel economy and performance.

he sixth-generation automatic scooter is likely to boost the market by providing high-end features such as digital instrument consoles, optional front wheels, telescopic forks, smartphone connectivity, and alloy wheels. Standard features will include tubeless tires, combined braking systems (now mandatory by regulations), and more.

Honda Activa 6G is expect to have a substantial price increase. For reference, the price of existing models is between 54,632 INR (former showroom, Delhi). HMSI is currently going through a difficult period, and its sales fell by 46.79% in March 2019. Overall, the two-wheeled auto industry has been slowing, and HMSI is one of the most affected original equipment manufacturers. The company is in the process of overhauling its entire portfolio to narrow its lost share.

activa 6g launch date in india A new car equipped with a gearless 110CC engine will be available for sale at the end of the month. The company positions the new car as “a compact scooter for personal use.” Speaking of the newly launched models, HMSI President and CEO Kaita Muramatsu said, “As a leader in the auto scooter category, Honda will enter the personal compact model with ACTIVA-I as the next step in redefining market leadership. Strategic product. ”

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