What does 6G look like? 6G is already on its way

What does 6G look like?- The so-called G (generation) means generation to generation. From 1G, 2G, and 3G to the current 4G and 5G, each generation of mobile communication upgrades will double the speed of information transmission. Mobile communication technology took 30 years from 1G to 2G, 15 years from 2G to 3G, and 5 years from 3G to 4G. If 5G is commercially available, then 4G to 5G will be the same. It will take five years, and maybe the next five years will be the beginning of the 6G era. The upgrading speed of mobile communication technology is continuously accelerating, and the time for commercialization of each generation of communication technology is continuously shorten. Now that 6G is on its way, perhaps its popularity will come faster.

6G represents the sixth generation of mobile communication technology, which is also an extension after 5G. The theoretical download speed of 6G can reach 1TB per second. It is expected to start research and development in 2020 and officially enter commercial use in 2030. 6G technology will provide unprecedented bandwidth to solve the related deficiencies of 5G. The biggest role of 6G is to promote the development of the Internet of Things.

The difference between 6G and 5G is that they are faster and have lower latency. The 6G network is likely to extend from the millimeter wave band to the terahertz wave band, which is expected to cover underwater signals. If calculated based on the terahertz frequency band of 0.1THz to 10THz and the wavelength range of 0.03mm to 3mm, the peak speed of 6G is expected to reach 100Gbps in the future.

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6G is already on its way…..

6G communication technology is no longer a breakthrough in simple network capacity and transmission rate. It is also to narrow the digital divide and achieve the “ultimate goal” of interconnecting everything. This is the significance of 6G. In addition to expanding the coverage of 6G, the smoothness and ultra-fast transmission speed of 6G are unparalleled, which is more than 10 times that of 5G (5G speed can reach 1Gbit per second). 4K movies will be downloadable in the blink of an eye and will open a new era of interoperability and virtual reality applications driven by rising transmission speeds.

6G will definitely come. It is on the way, and some institutions and manufacturers have already started research and development. Although it looks like an extension of 5G, with the continuous development of new technologies, especially the advancement of artificial intelligence, new materials, and open source technologies, it is likely to have a disruptive impact on the communications industry.

What does 6G look like?

No matter how rich the concept of 6G is, just like 4G before 5G, the future 6G must also be the continuous evolution of 5G. Some of 5G need to be improved by 6G, and what 5G does not have depends on 6G to expand. However, the 6G definition has not yet appeared. All parties have their own vision, and there is no unified 6G definition that everyone agrees with. At present, a more official answer is that 6G will explore and pool related technologies that 5G has missed.

The birth of 5G technology can be said to be a kind of liberation of big data. The speed of information transmission is so low that the delay experience experienced by human beings is minimized. However, 5G can achieve extremely fast transmission of information, but it cannot achieve true Everything is connected! The 6G era marks the beginning of real thing communication, which can meet the transmission of information between any ubiquitous device. Humans truly say goodbye to the Internet era and enter the era of the Internet of Things!

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6G Launch prediction

Research on 6G has begun. Tolerant innovation, acceptance of innovation, and promotion of innovation have become another new normal for China’s economic development. In 2018, China has put 6G research on the agenda! “The end of last year or the beginning of this year, we have begun to study the development of 6G, which is the sixth generation of mobile communications,” said Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology.

Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that with the expansion of the use of mobile communications, in addition to solving the problems of wireless communication between people and wireless Internet access, it is also necessary to solve the problem of between things and between people and things. This connection between them is the concept of the Internet of Things. It is true that 5G will completely solve the problem of rapid transmission of big data, but it is 6G that truly realizes the interconnection of all things.

The early deployment of 6G networks is also to plan ahead and take the lead. As the scale of 5G connections continues to expand, the network pressure will increase, and 6G will definitely come. In the research of 5G, China has ranked among the “first echelon”. Although 6G has not officially started, countries have started to develop it. Whoever will occupy the commanding heights of 6G networks in the future will be the first to open a new era of Internet of Everything. The strategic significance of 6G is self-evident.

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What does 6G look like?- In the 6G era, the network speed is no longer important. To realize the true interconnection of all things is to enter the real intelligent era. Therefore, 6G communication technology is no longer a breakthrough in simple network transmission speed. But also to solve the problem of interconnection of all things. That is, from a technical point of view, to complete the terabyte breakthrough of 6G communication technology. It is also necessary to complete the research and development on smart chips. So as to break the boundaries and complete the “interconnection of all things” concept in the 6G era.

In fact, there is no standard definition of 6G communication network in the world. Because this is just a concept at all. To put it bluntly, even people working in the communication industry have not heard of the 6G communication technology. However, this is not illusory, because Minister Miao has given the development direction of the 6G Internet. That is, Internet of Everything.

What does 6G look like?

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is defined as the combination of people, processes, data and things to make network connections more relevant and valuable. Everything connects information into action, creates new functions for businesses, individuals and nations, and brings richer experiences and unprecedented economic development opportunities. Take a simple example, that is, you can control many things with a mobile phone, such as calling a self-driving car directly, giving instructions directly to the smart home in your home, letting the smart home robot do housework, and intelligently monitoring the family’s every move.

6G’s move to terahertz is to continuously improve network capacity and speed. But mobile communication has a greater dream-bridging the digital divide and achieving ubiquitous and always-on global network coverage.

5G is a world where everything is connect.

5G is a world where everything is connect. Telematics, telemedicine and other applications require a full coverage network with almost no blind spots. However, the “full coverage” dream cannot be achieve overnight. We believe this will be better improve and supplemented in the 6G era.

What does 6G look like?- The 6G network will be a fully connect world with the integration of terrestrial wireless and satellite communications. By integrating satellite communications into 6G mobile communications. Global seamless coverage will be achieve. Allowing network signals to reach any remote village and being acceptable to patients in deep mountainous areas. Telemedicine, so that children can receive distance education, this is the future of 6G. At the same time, with the global satellite positioning system, telecommunication satellite system, earth image satellite system and 6G ground network. The full coverage of ground and air network can also help humans predict. The weather and quickly respond to natural disasters.

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