Huawei Band 6 features

Huawei Band 6 features- The Honor Band 6 looks similar to the device it replaces at first glance. It’s both stylish and lightweight, so you won’t be embarrassed if you wear it all the time. Unlike Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with a detachable core and band, the Honor Band 6 is one. The capsule does not separate from the band, so you cannot use different bands freely.

Huawei Band 6 features

Our review unit has a blue band, but you can choose to buy this device in pink or black. That said, the band you get on Honor Band 6 is of very good quality and showed no signs of wear during our review. We don’t like the buckle design of the Honor Band 5 because it dug into our forearms and left small marks. Honor has changed this new model and you get a watch style buckle. This can be easily opened and closed, and it has a lower chance of falling off compared to earlier models.


The core of the Honor Band 6 uses a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 240×120 pixels, and it also has a capacitive back button. Given that most other bands at this price point offer black and white screens, Honor has come up with a color display, another advantage of this display is its sunlight clarity. It is very bright and can be seen outdoors, and users can select three brightness levels in the band.

Honor is one of the few manufacturers that provides a touch screen at this price point. The screen responds quickly and we can easily browse the options. Capacitive buttons can be used as back buttons when scrolling the UI. Flip the band over and you will see the heart rate sensor and two pogo pins charging at the bottom. The heart rate sensor is slightly elevated compared to other parts of the body, and if you put the strap tightly on your hand, it will leave marks on your hand. Just like the Honor Band 5, this new model also uses a proprietary clip charger. It is very small, with a pogo pin connector for charging the band and a Micro-USB port for input. Chargers are easy to lose, but you can find replacement chargers online.

Huawei Band 6 features- The Honor Band 6 can be used with Android phones and Apple through Huawei’s health app. The process of pairing the band with the phone is very simple and the application is well designed. At first glance, the app will give you information about the number of steps taken, your last recorded heart rate, and your sleep condition the night before.

We found that when paired with an Android phone, the Huawei Health app keeps on notifications, just like many other companion apps so that it won’t be killed in the background, which ensures that the band is always connected to the phone and its synced data. In theory, this will have an impact on the battery life of the connected smartphone, but it is not enough for us to notice.

Huawei Band 6 features:

Huawei Band 6 features fitness band

In the application, you will find a record of the steps performed. This can be sorted by day or by month to get an idea of ​​your progress, and the app can also be used to customize the features available on the band and their display order. In addition, the application allows you to share data with Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and UP through Jawbone.

In our tests, the step tracking on Honor Band 6 was slightly inaccurate. We manually counted 1,000 steps while walking and the band recorded 985 steps. If you plan to use a fitness band primarily for tracking steps, this is not as accurate as Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The healthy smartphone app also has a separate step counter that keeps ticking in the notification panel of the phone and uses the accelerometer on the phone, which we also found to be inaccurate. When we drive, the number of steps keeps increasing.

Heart rate tracking is more accurate, and when we compare the two at the same time, we give similar results to Mi Band 4. The Honor Band 6 provides continuous heart rate tracking, which can record your heart rate every two minutes. After syncing with your phone, you can view your heart rate range and resting heart rate. It also has an elevated heart rate alert, which warns you if your resting heart rate exceeds a set limit for more than 10 minutes.

Honor Band 6 lets you track outdoor and indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor cycling, swimming in the pool and free training. We used outdoor walking tracking mode and walked for a distance, we knew it was exactly 1 km. The distance measured in this band is 0.96km, which is an acceptable deviation. The Honor Band does not have a dedicated GPS chip and relies on a connected smartphone to determine its location.

Other Info:

Huawei Band 6 features

We also use the free training mode for gym exercises, which keeps track of the heart rate. But most of the time we can’t get the correct readings. When it did manage to get reading, it wasn’t accurate.

Sleep tracking is accurate and the band can detect when we are asleep and the moment we wake up. Using Huawei’s Trusleep sleep tracking algorithm. It can break our sleep and enter deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep and awake periods. It also analyzes our sleep quality and gives us suggestions and tips on how to improve sleep quality.

Other Features

You can set an alarm on Honor Band 6, which can vibrate and wake you up at the set time. We had to use the smartphone app to set the alarm, which should be possible for the band itself.

Honor claims that the battery on Band 4 will last 6 days with continuous heart rate tracking. One charge and 17 days after normal use. In our use, including incoming call and notification alerts, continuous heart rate tracking, and Huawei’s Trusleep sleep tracking. The band lasted only three and a half days.

After turning off the continuous heart rate option, the band consumed 40% of the battery in only six days. The band charges quickly and by connecting it to a USB charger, we can reach 70% in one hour.

Huawei Band 6 features also has NFC support. We found support for Alipay in the band’s UI, but this is not useful in India. NFC is not use for anything else.

Honor Band 4 has improved its predecessor with better display, improved heart rate and sleep tracking, and better distance accuracy. However, all of this comes at the cost of reduced battery life. Its closest competitor Xiaomi Mi Band 3 offers precise step tracking at a slightly lower price.

Mi Band 3 is versatile and accurate, you can save a little money without losing too much functionality. However, if you want a better display and sleep tracking is a top priority, then Honor Band 4 should be your best choice.

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