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Amazon Echo Auto vehicle 2020 -Even though more and more car brands are using Alexa as a built-in smart assistant . Some car owners still cannot enjoy the convenience brought by Alexa in their cars. In order to meet this kind of demand, this time Amazon’s new product, Echo Auto , can use a mobile phone’s network through a Bluetooth connection to bring Alexa into all people’s cars. Once you start the vehicle, the device will be activated at the same time. In addition to basic operations, it can also provide location-based functions such as. “Automatically turn on the light bulb at home when driving into your own parking lot”.

Echo Auto is not yet in mass production, but is expect to be available for $ 50. If you really want to try it out early, you can also apply to get an informal release of the product later this year for $ 25. At present, many in-vehicle systems provide voice-controlled operation methods one after another, but they are usually not particularly convenient to use, and even highlight the reliability of traditional operation methods. Finally, I would like to remind you that in fact, products such as Anker’s Roav Viva and Garmin’s Speak series have been on the market for a while and can also provide Alexa functions. Although the capacity is not large, it is also an option.

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Amazon Echo Auto vehicle -The Los Angeles Auto Show is overwhelming with gorgeous cars everywhere, showing their latest ultra-luxury infotainment systems, and huge screens that drivers should not see when driving. (But come on, you know they will.)

Inside the car, “it makes more sense to use sound,” said Ned Kurik, vice president of Amazon Echo Automotive. “You want to put your hand on the steering wheel and stare at the road, so it makes more sense to use your voice.” To that end, Amazon wants to bring Alexa personal assistants to cars, help drivers use important tools like maps and music navigation, and Help find the nearest gas station, etc. Kurik came to the auto show this week to sell to automakers and third-party suppliers.

He is not alone. Apple has been targeting the lucrative automotive market for several years through its CarPlay system and Google (Android Auto), and these features are sold as part of an upgrade package at the time of car purchase, or sold as stand-alone accessories in auto and electronics stores (approximately $ 250-500) , Plus installation).

Amazon Echo Auto vehicle 2020 will have its own non-visual car device, Echo Auto, which will sell for $ 24.99 in 2019. In his presentation, Curic showed a slide of a car hacker discovered by Amazon on the Internet. The owner brought an entry-level compact Echo Dot speaker into the car. Connected it to a cigarette lighter for power, and used the Internet on a smartphone. Signal to let Alexa play music and provide information.

“We realized there was something there,” he said, and started using his own equipment. The ultimate goal, he said, is for manufacturers to embed Alexa into sprint entertainment, making it completely seamless.

“Connecting to a smartphone is one way,” he said. “Our future is to have Alexa embedded directly in the car, so you don’t have to buy a device. It’s there, it’s integrated, you don’t need to do much, just work with Alexa. Audi has in 2019 A new electric car, the e-tron ($ 75,000), does just that. BMW will add Alexa to all new BMWs that will be produced in March 2018 starting next year.

Kurik hopes to announce more at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. At the same time, there are several independent products that currently allow Alexa to enter the car smoothly. These include:

—Roav Smartchart F2: Promote the ability to charge mobile phones, bring hands-free phones and entertainment into the car via Alexa. It plugs into a cigarette lighter and has two USB ports for the phone to carry music and Alexa commands. But a beautifully printed warning: Amazon’s $ 26.74 unit states. That it cannot be used with several models from Audi, Honda, Toyota, Dodge, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mazda, and Nissan.

—Garmin Thread is a $ 49.99 device that attaches to the windshield. And connects your smartphone with the Garmin Thread app. The app instructs Alexa to connect to a music service like Pandora, providing navigation through Garmin maps and weather information.

—Muse Auto Alexa Voice Assistant is a similar $ 49.99 device that connects to your smartphone and enters Alexa commands. Forrester Research analyst James McQuiVey said Amazon is facing challenges because Apple and Google have been doing this for a long time. And they will come up with something-the smartphone devices they make can easily connected To the car and connect to the entertainment system. “Amazon doesn’t have this,” he said.

The bigger question, he said, is which personal assistant consumer is willing to live with the car-Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa. Apple claims Siri is the most commonly use personal assistant. Generating more than 1 billion queries per day, and “Alexa measures Siri by the time it takes,” he said. “Fewer people use Alexa, but they spend more time on it.”

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