Amazon third-generation echo review

Suggested retail price: $ 99.99 $ 59.99 on Amazon Pros: Small size, reasonable price, powerful, balanced sound. Cons: Compared to Google Assistant, Alexa can be a bit awkward. Bottom line: The third-generation Amazon Echo smart speaker is basically just the more affordable Echo Plus, thanks to some small compromises you are unlikely to notice.

Amazon third-generation echo review-amazon sold a lot of Echo Dots. It’s like a bunch of crazy, stupid, unpredictable things. In the past two generations, it can be said to be the biggest driver of the boom in smart speakers.

Of course, there is nothing special about this product. This is a simple design hockey product, the main purpose of the design is to keep people away from the sight. But this is an irresistible thing-even for those who are unwilling to accept this category.

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo 3rd gen

It is a medicine immersed in water, a medicine to enter the strange new world of smart Amazon third-generation echo speakers. So how do you improve Amazon’s best-selling device? The trick is to increase the user experience without affecting its biggest selling point: $ 50. This price gives you room to maneuver, much smaller than a $ 1,000 phone.

At an event in Seattle last month, in addition to 8 million new Alexa products, the new Dot was more than a simple product line upgrade. It represents the direction of the echo line. This is a product with Google’s unquestionable influence, and also points out where modular speaker systems will occupy the smart home.

This is Google’s logo that really impresses you out of the box. The first two generations of the product were practical. They don’t look like much, but they are the door to Alexa, designed to hide. Sure, fabric covers are all the rage in consumer electronics, but the new Echo’s fabric looks are not much similar to Google’s home mini skirts.

Amazon is appalled by Google’s rapid rise in this space, which is understandable. A few days before the Alexa conference, Strategy Analytics pointed out that the Home Mini has surpassed the Echo Dot as the best-selling smart speaker of the quarter. Amazon’s third-generation echo review This is not a complete panic mode, but it is a very clear signal that it is time to upgrade.

Although the new Dot has some clear aesthetic impact from the bank, I prefer Amazon’s take. It makes a good distinction between old and new. The fabric covers a dual speaker grille that runs along the exterior of the product. The top, meanwhile, keeps the familiar design language, a round matte black top with four physical buttons. The illuminated state ring runs between these two surfaces.

Amazon’s third-generation echo review –The new Dot is significantly larger than its predecessor-a bit surprising, considering the more compact size is the biggest selling point of the second generation Dot. Nevertheless, the fact that this new device looks beautiful enough to be displayed in public has undoubtedly encouraged the company to make it bigger. It is also solid. I was a bit surprised at the weight of the puck-you can use it to cause some serious injuries.

An upward trend in larger footprints is an increase in volume. According to Amazon calculations, the new Dot sounds 70% louder than its predecessor. This move made Amazon pay more attention to the second part of the “smart speaker equation.” The sound system built on the early Dots was of little use other than to give Alexa sound. Amazon third-generation echo This is why the company increased its auxiliary output.

Of course, this still exists, but the built-in sound output has been greatly improved. At the highest volume, its distortion is also much smaller. I still won’t use it as my default speaker, but Dot’s role in Amazon’s new a la carte sound system is interesting.

Amazon third-generation echo The company sent two points just to try out the new stereo matching feature-I’m glad they did. This is probably the most interesting addition. In the revised Alexa app, you will find the Create a Speaker Set option under the Settings tab. From here, you can turn two points into a stereo pair. The setup was simple-although I had some trouble with Wi-Fi in the office. For the features to work properly, both Echos need to be on the same network, and the application doesn’t fully recognize them, in fact they are.

This application will guide you through the process and let you decide which device can handle which channel of the stereo track. Combined, this is a great experience—a small-scale home theater experience. With the new Echo submarine, the effect is even better. Of course, remember, you just spent $ 230. Things are going fast. Of course, this is $ 100 cheaper than the HomePod.

Of course, it is unfair to compare the two. Amazon and Apple spokespersons are completely different camps. But other additions to the new Dot and Echo home stereo systems represent a very Amazon way, giving users the ability to mix and match devices while still maintaining a low price point.

Amazon third-generation echo The third-generation Dot is not a complete overhaul of the wheels, but it is large enough to allow many users to upgrade. Although “upgrade” may not be the key word here. Given that Amazon’s ultimate goal is to have Alexa devices in every room, it’s easy to see that it’s yet another addition to your growing collection.

Amazon releases new Echo Dot Kids Edition speakers

Amazon dot echo kids special

Amazon announced the Echo Dot Kids Edition speaker. Which is based on the third-generation Echo Dot released last fall and comes with all the improvements of the model. Such as better sound quality and better design. Unlike the previous Echo Dot Kids Edition which came with a shatter-resistant protective case. The new Echo Dot Kids Edition speakers simply come in blue or rainbow exterior colors.

The children’s version of the Echo speaker has a child-friendly experience. Including different answers to questions, voice-based educational games, and child-centric podcasts. The children’s version of the Echo speaker offers a one-year free unlimited subscription to Amazon, with more than 1,000 audio books, advanced Alexa skills from Sony and Disney, podcasts, and other child-friendly content.

Parents can choose an age range to limit content to children. And parents can also set time limits on when and when Alexa will respond.

Amazon has also added the Alexa Skill Blueprint feature to the children’s version of the Echo speaker. Allowing kids to build their own custom Alexa experience.

The children’s version of the Echo comes with a two-year worry-free warranty and costs $ 69.99.

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