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Captain America hot toy-Hello guys today we’re gonna be taking a look at the new Hot Toys movie masterpiece series number 243 of the Captain America. And Steve Rogers 2-pack from Captain America the Winter Soldier. As you can see for the packaging. You’ve got a nice image of the actual figures.

Here so in Captain america hot toy his stealth suit that he wore in the beginning part of the Winter Soldier. As well as Steve Rogers just wearing his normal everyday clothes. As I said you got a nice image here and then you’ve got some really cool kind of holographic. The kind of overlay.

Hot toy captain america
Captain America

Where you see Captain America hot toy and then it says Steve Rogers around here but in some lights. You can see it in some lights you can’t like now right there. You can’t really see it well you kind of can but. It’s not that good you can kind of lose it. There but come around here to the side Captain America. Steve Rogers come around here to the back any of the people responsible for making the figure. And then you can see that it’s a little bit oversized double box. But it is very similar to all the other ones.

where you just slide it up like so removing the top portion. And then on the inside you have a little insert with another image of the two particular figures slide. This out just like so and then you got the clamshell on the inside. That houses both the figures on the inside. And protects them very nicely but again for the packaging that really is about it. I like it it’s it’s very simple but it’s nothing that. We really haven’t seen too many times before it’s a product shop. But I do like it I think it’s neat but beyond that that’s about it for the packaging. So without further ado let’s get these guys out here. And see how cool they actually are alright guys.

New Captain America Toy

Hot toy Captain America

So here we have Captain America in his stealth strike suit. As well as Steve Rogers opened up and out of the packaging. And as always starting off with the accessories. First honestly he doesn’t come with a lot but what he does come with fit this character pretty decently.

Now both figures do come with the tuak extra wrist pegs in case anything happens to the ones that you have that are currently on the figure himself. Steve Rogers here comes with a total of eight hands. You got to fist the ones right there. Then you got to kind of relaxed ones just kind of hanging out not doing too much. They’re just kind of in a neutral pose. Then you got two that are probably more designed to actually help him hold his his shield.

Which you can see there which I’ll touch on there in a little bit. But you can see that they’re a little rounded. You have a little bit of a separate
in between the actual thumb. And the finger so that you can kind of wedge. Things in there a little bit easier but you do have those. And then you’ve got to just open hands. I’ve seen people use these for a variety of different reasons but you do have those available that for different poses.

Now the Captain America figure comes with one extra hand much. Like the Steve Rogers he’s got two fists he’s got two hands here that are designed to look. He’s holding his shield with his thumb kind of there to kind of support. That bottom section you got two wide.

Captain America Endgame Toy

Open ones again that kind of could be used for anything that like. I said I’ve seen these used on a bunch of different that kind of poses so it’s. Whatever you basically can think of and then you got two that are very similar to the Steve Rogers. Ones where they’re kind of in a position like this. Which probably is nice to have him hold this shield itself then the extra one. He comes with is was one right hand. Where he’s pointing he’s just got a pointer finger because you know Captain America hot toy is going nominate naughty-naughty.

Something like that now because you’re getting a Steve Rogers figure. Where the head for both can be swapped you can actually take the head for Steve Rogers off. And put it on the Captain America body giving it him unhelmeted head. They chose to include a helmet that you can just have them hold. I guess which i think is great. It’s a wonderful touch and it’s the exact same basically with real nice detail. All the way around it you got some nice molding there with like the a there on the top.

Captain America hot toy collectibles figure are the very famous collection of the kids in the world. Custom hot toys captain america toys are also available in the market. Captain America hot toy also a avenger.

you come around here to the side. you can see a nice sculpt here which nicely sort of replicates. How the wings look on Captain America is the helmet which is nice you got some scuffs on here giving. It a little bit of wear in some battle damage. And then of course you got his chin piece right here this can’t actually fit on the Steve Rogers head sculpt by itself. So don’t do it but it gives you the option to just have Steve Rogers in his stealth suit but not necessarily have his helmet. So that’s a cool touch now he also does come with one of the magnetic cuff things that they tried to use on him in the elevator.

They were all trying to beat him up. They got one on them one couldn’t get attached. But you do have this. And as you can see it’s got a couple hinges on here. So you can open it up put it on his wrist. If you want to I personally think that this is kind of a waste of an accessory.

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