Oscar nominations announced in 2020

Oscar nomination announced in 2020– In the morning of January 14, washington time, according to foreign media reports. In the history of Oscars, for the first time this year. A situation such as this: the most nominated is a streaming media service company. On Monday, Netflix received 24 Oscar nominations, surpassing all other media companies that have been nominated this year. This achievement by Netflix marks Oscar’s new attitude towards streaming services. Netflix’s Oscar journey is not easy. The streaming service has previously conflicted with content creators, cinema owners, and Oscar judges.

Oscar nominations announced in 2020, I believe many of them are in the eyes of everyone
Oscar nominations announced in 2020
Of course, getting the most nominations doesn’t mean that Netflix will eventually get the most awards. Last December, the streaming service also received the most nominations (17) in the Golden Globe Awards. But it only won 2 awards. Behind Netflix are Disney, which has 23 nominations, and Sony Pictures, which has 20 nominations. Warner Bros. and Global Business received 12 and 11 nominations respectively, ranking fourth and fifth.

2020 Oscar nomination announced in 2020, Netflix sets a new record for streaming media Source

oscar award announced in2020

Yesterday evening, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nomination list for the 92nd Academy Awards. Of which “Clown” led by 11 nominations, “Irish”, ” 1917 “and” Hollywood “were followed by 10 nominations.

In the history of Oscars, for the first time this year. a situation such as this: the most nominated is a streaming service company.

According to the 92nd Academy Awards nomination list. Netflix received 24 Oscar nominations announced, surpassing all other media companies nominated this year. After Netflix, there are 23 nominated Disney and 20 nominated Sony Pictures. Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures received 12 and 11 nominations, ranking fourth and fifth.

oscar award announced in 2020

Among the films submitted by Netflix, the gangster epic “Irish” by famous director Martin Scorsese received 10 nominations. 6 nominations for “Marriage Story” and 3 nominations for “Two Popes” Netflix ’s first cartoon, “ Claus( 6.680 , 0.03 , 0.45% ) ”, was nominated for best animation. In addition, Netflix has been nominated for two documentaries and a short documentary, Life Beats Me.

oscar announced 2020

The Oscars nomination announced will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on February 9.

Scarlett nominates Oscar for first time On January 13, the 92nd Oscar nomination announced in 2020. Scarlett Johansson nominated Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress for “Marriage Story” and “Jojo’s Whimsical World”. This is also her first time to nominate an Oscar.

The full list of Oscar nominations in 2020 is released, and Scarlett Johansson is double nominated for the first time!

Recently, a complete list of Oscar nominations was released in 2020. And “Parasite” was shortlisted for the best Oscar nomination announced in 2020 film and best international film (original foreign language film award). Achieving a breakthrough in Korean cinema at Oscar Zero.

Eleven nominations for the movie “Clown” led the audience. And ten nominations for the films “Irish”, “Hollywood” and “1917” were three-legged.

The film “Honeyland” mentions the best international film. And documentary, the film “Frozen 2” has not been selected. As an animated feature film, and the film “Don’t Tell Her” has not been nominated.

oscar announced in 2020

It is reported that Scarlett Johnson nominated for Best Actress. And Best Supporting Actress with “Marriage Story” and “Jojo’s Whimsical World”. This is also her first time to nominate an Oscar nomination announced in 2020 and mention both.

The “Marriage Story” starring Scarlett Johansson is on the file. This Douban 8.7-point film has just won multiple Oscar nominations. It tells about love and about life.

Another film starring Scarlett Johansson, Jojo’s Whimsical World was officially released on the 12th in the Mainland. The film has just received six Oscar nominations, and was made Scarlett Johnson and Taiga. Starring Viditi and Roman Griffin Davis, directed by Viditi (“Thor 3” and “The Hunt for the Barbarian”).

It is about the period of World War II. Where the boy Jojo (Davis). and his mother (Johnson) lived under Nazi Germany. What Jojo didn’t know was that his mother worked secretly for the Resistance. And hid a Jewish girl (Tomasin · Mackenzie). Jojo is eager to join the Hitler Youth League. He has a subversive version of Hitler (Viditti) in his mind. This Hitler is charming, silly, innocent and cute. He is his friend and helps him cope with the difficulties in life. Sam Rockwell, Ribel Wilson, and others also starred in North America last October.

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