Make money E-Commerce [Amazon]

Use mobile phone to make money because today that time many of the people search how to earn money online. So guys Today I am talking about new way to earn this way is through the making e-commerce website. Make money e-commerce is the best platform to earn money to online.

Earn money like amazon

Mobile phone sharing Amazon customers earn 100 $ a day and 100 $ a day. Many friends can say that I am a champion party. No explanation whatsoever. This article is purely a novice tutorial. Everyone can understand that everyone can use their mobile phones to make website, and earn 100 $ a day. No promises. The title of my article is to get 100 $ at the end of the warranty period; at the beginning of this article, I can’t guarantee that everyone can make 100 $ per day. But what I told is true. Because some people are good at what they do and some don’t. Amazon guests share 100 $ a day on their mobile phones [Make money on mobile online games] How do mobile phones make money E-commerce Amazon guests a hundred dollars a day.

Net income is 100 $ per day, why not? This is because you are not working hard enough. OK, don’t pull it. There may be many friends who do n’t know what Amazon is. Many friends see Amazon customers working on their computers, so they do n’t know how to do Amazon on their mobile phones. Trust bloggers? Friends, no doubt Jeff Bezos will not lie to you. First let me tell you what make money E-commerce Amazon is Amazon’s promotions are based on transaction billing. Make money e-commerce Amazon customers only need to obtain product codes from the Amazon promotion area.

All buyers (including themselves) will promote you. Community, personal website, blog or post link) Enter Amazon seller’s store, after the purchase is completed, the seller can pay the fee. In short, Amazon is someone who helps sellers advertise their products and earn commissions, which must be valid shopping, i.e, receipt confirmation. How to do Amazon on mobile phones: Many people don’t know how to do Amazon on mobile phones, but there are some, but ordinary people don’t know. Since this article says there is 100 $ at the bottom of the day, I will tell you some ways to make 100 $ a day, but you still have to rely on your patience. Make money E-commerce like Amazon is best earning site.

  1. Amazon Alliance Mobile App A few days ago I saw that Amazon Alliance launched a mobile app, and I heard that it can be a Amazon guest to make money. After seeing it, I also experienced the APP of Amazon Alliance for the first time. I found that some functions are still very good, simple and convenient for Amazon Alliance APP product promotion, you can share to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp circle of friends, etc., as well as copy links and QR code pictures. In other words, as long as you download the Amazon Alliance APP, you can share the product to so many platforms. When others buy the product through the link you shared, you have a commission. Simple, I believe everyone will do it.

Amazon guests share 100 $ per day on their mobile phones [Make money on mobile online games]

Earn money by selling

Of course, it’s easy to say that promoting a product, but how many people will buy your product? Some people don’t understand anything, thinking that as soon as the product is released, someone will buy it. When you publish product advertisements, you can just a few days a day, share them at different times, don’t share several in a few seconds, I can’t wait for others to see it. Therefore, we must take care of the feelings of others.

It ’s not okay to publish a product without anyone seeing it. My Jeff blog shared 30 ways of adding Instagram to followers. Everyone just look at some methods that are suitable for them, add people often, and promote the product in the circle of friends Already. Of course, you can also use the public account to attract users and occasionally promote the products of Amazon Alliance. Making a hundred dollars a day is really not that easy, and not everyone can do it. The method tells you that the practice lies in everyone.

2 I do n’t know about mobile phone websites. Everyone knows that there was n’t much before. However, some PCs (websites on computers) now have mobile phone websites. A few days ago I created a Amazon website for clients, and there is a mobile version on the website. However, this mobile version is not very good-looking. Finally, a new template was changed to make the client’s mobile version of Amazon website better. The data of this mobile website and the website on the PC are synchronized, that is, if you want to update Amazon’s products on the mobile website, you only need to update it on the PC website.

Moreover, it is very convenient to collect information automatically. The same is true on the mobile website. Everyone clicks on the product on the mobile phone and it will automatically jump to the Amazon customer link. When someone buys it, you will get a commission.

Mobile site is better than Make money e-commerce Amazon Alliance, because mobile site has more products, full, convenient, and also an independent website. Now that more and more people use mobile phones, we need a mobile Amazon website to promote Amazon products. In the past, I thought that Amazon website was only suitable for computers. Who would buy your products on mobile phones? However, I found that I was wrong. Where there are many people, we have to go to promote.

  1. There are a lot of Amazon websites from the media. However, most people do n’t shop on these websites unless they are some famous Amazon websites. In the past, the famous Amazon website, like Mei Li, said there were many mushroom streets and so on. However, now these platforms are beginning to change careers and not be Amazon customers, because the Amazon alliance is too strict.

Everyone has heard of many fraudulent purchases. Therefore, most people dare not go to a strange website to shop easily. They are afraid that their money will be cheated by this website. That’s why many Amazon customers can’t make money. Many users are becoming more aware of fraud prevention. They would rather not buy, but also prevent being cheated.

Therefore, after solving the problem of user trust, your Make money e-commerce Amazon customer can make money. From the media, some friends can search on Google if they do n’t understand. Like my profitable business blog, I am a self-media. I develop on the Internet with my real name, and everyone trusts me. Moreover, I have been on the Internet for four or five years. Everyone trusts me, and the Amazon customers I share also buy.

  1. Use Instagram public account as Make money e-commerce Amazon guest Many friends have their own Instagram public account. However, many friends’ public accounts cannot apply for Amazon to make money. I have heard others say that using this to make money is like advertising. However, I have n’t done it, and I do n’t understand the specific process. Anyway a Instagram public account cannot applied, alone make money. Many friends also have a lot of followers on the Instagram public account, just don’t know how to make money, so let’s take an advertisement. However, you can run a public account, add fans, and then you can add links to Amazon products in Instagram public account articles. In this way, the user can see the advertisement during the process of reading the article, and may buy the product, and you will have the money to take it

5.Amazon sellor using mobile APP

Amazon Alliance has a method of using APP promotion, but this method must be downloaded from the application market. For individuals, APPs made they cannot be successfully submitted to the application market. Therefore, this method is useless to us personally. However, everyone can use their mobile phones to promote Amazon products. At present, there are many third-party mobile APP production platforms, as well as those who sell mobile APP source code, and everyone can make a mobile APP. We ca n’t just sell products for mobile apps, that would be meaningless. You can use this APP to publish some news and funny information to attract users, and then put the products of Amazon Alliance in the place where users can see.

  1. Use the flow method to be a Make money e-commerce Amazon customer. This method told the end which means that this method is the best and most effective one. I believe that as long as I have been used by friends on the Internet, I know it. It’s just that this method is a bit bad, it’s a Amazon sellor doing tricks. In fact, the deception here is just a lie to deceive people, not to deceive other people’s money and so on, so rest assured.

In the past, I shook everything when we were okay in Instagram. I often shook some seductive beauties. When I saw the avatar, I had to add his QQ number before I could contact her. When I saw this, I was advertising. It is deceiving. In addition, there are also some people nearby Make money e-commerce Amazon, drifting bottles, etc. There are many accounts that seduce men to add Instagram with se. Most of these people advertise and sell things.

You can also get a Instagram and get a real, attractive picture of a beautiful girl. Then just shake it every day, look at the people nearby, you will find that you can easily have dozens of people add your number in one day. Over time, you will have more Instagram friends and you can share Amazon products to make money e-commerce . Of course, the product you share is also best for men.

There are many ways to use Make money e-commerce Amazon as a Amazon sellor. The above are the six most common and best methods I feel. As for which is good and which is not, everyone chooses the method that suits them. Everyone recognizes a method and operates it often. I believe that as long as you continue to research, you can use your mobile phone to make a hundred dollars a day on Amazon. It ’s boring to say as much as you can. Only when you do it will you have results.

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