Earn money like alibaba company

what is its most profitable business?

As we all know, Alibaba has many business units, including e-commerce, finance, logistics, cloud computing, big entertainment, etc., all belong to 25 business units, and it is difficult for almost everyone to fully explain all its business. . However, it is well documented that three business units accounted for 99% of Alibaba’s total revenue. This is new way earn money like alibaba company

Let’s take Alibaba’s revenue in the last quarter as an example. The total revenue for the quarter was US $ 17 billion, of which the core business business, cloud business, media and entertainment business are three core sections. Let’s take a look at them.

1.Alibaba’s core business business

Alibaba’s core and most profitable business is the e-commerce business. The total revenue of the previous quarter was close to US $ 15 billion, accounting for 88% of its total revenue for the quarter, a year-on-year increase of 40%.

Its e-commerce revenue mainly comes from Taobao.com and Tmall. The former is China ’s largest online shopping platform, and the latter ’s total value of physical goods increased by 29% last quarter, an increase that exceeded the entire industry.

It is reported that Alibaba currently has 699 million monthly active users in the Chinese retail market, an increase of 33 million compared to the previous quarter. It can be said that this group of active customers is Alibaba’s most important asset.

2.Alibaba’s cloud business

Alibaba’s cloud computing business has undergone nine years of development. The revenue of the previous quarter reached 962 million US dollars, which seems to be inconspicuous in the total revenue of 17 billion US dollars in the entire quarter. However, its cloud computing business has grown rapidly, with revenue growing 84% in the past year.

In addition, Alibaba’s cloud platform now accounts for more than 50% of China’s market share, but only a small share of the global cloud market, accounting for only 5%. In the international market, cloud services from Microsoft and Amazon dominate. This is prospectus to earn money like alibaba company.

3.Alibaba’s media and entertainment business

Alibaba’s media and entertainment business also has considerable development potential. In the past quarter, its revenue increased by 20% year-on-year to reach $ 944 million.

The revenue growth of its media and entertainment business was mainly due to mobile search. And game publishing, as well as the increase in paid users of Youku and Tudou. At present, Youku’s number of paying users is second only to competitors Tencent Video and iQiyi from Baidu.

However, the video space has always been a burning market. And Alibaba has spent billions of dollars to buy copyrights and make its own original shows like Netflix.

In addition, Alibaba also invests in TV series and film production companies. Last year, Alibaba Pictures and Dying to Survive Studios produced the third-highest-rated movie in Chinese film history. Alibaba hopes that the studio can produce more content for Youku.

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