[most expensive painting]-Jasper Johns’ Flag, 1954($119,400,000)

United States Of America USA Flag Political US type of flag most expensive painting in the world. This American flag was painted by Jasper John’s in 1954. This is most expensive painting because this is a USA flag are represented in the painting.

USA flag Johns painting very costly and that collectors collect that types of the painting and this price is very high. And that painting are sitting in the USA museum and he showing only the exhibition.

He symbol of the American flag, carries a host of connotations and meanings that shift from individual to individual, making it the ideal subject for Johns’ initial foray into visually exploring the “things the mind already knows.” He intentionally blurred the lines between high art and everyday life with his choice of seemingly mundane subject matter. Johns painted Flag in the context of the McCarthy witch-hunts in Cold War America. Then and now, some viewers will read national pride or freedom in the image, while others only see imperialism or oppression. Johns was one of the first artists to present viewers with the dichotomies embedded in the American flag.

This is one that actually does speak to me is a very powerful way. When you look at something like a American flag. I think I kind of get it. I mean, it’s such a powerful icon or image and it evokes so many things and its something that goes see so frequently at least if you are an American. And if you are not American its something that you still probaly see relatively frequently and probaly does represented something to you but then to have it kind of re-imaged and re-imaged in this antiqued way. I can not fully articulated it and I would not claim that it’s somehow challenging philosphy.
In some profound way but I kind to get it at a base level, what’s trying to go on here and I think that’s why this painting has gotten.

It’s really, it’s great painting. And it was handmade painting. It’s actually made in a really specific way. It’s built on pieces of wood that actually stand off the surfaces fairly subastainly about two-and-a-half inches, and it’s made out of three objects,actually. There are three pieces that are put togethor. There pieces with the stars, the field of the stars; the stripes that are at the level and the stripes that are below. and then if you look at the surface, that it’s this very heavily wrought surface, this factor that’s a result of this material well it is actually,underneath.

The forty-eight stars and red-and-white stripes depicted here picture an American flag from the year this work was made. Johns noted that using a recognizable image took care of a great deal for him because he didn’t have to design it. He made this work by combining panels, paint, and encaustic—a mixture of pigment and melted wax that captured the paint’s drips, smears, and brushstrokes. Beneath the flag’s familiar stripes, we can make out a collage of newspaper scraps whose dates locate this commonplace symbol within a particular moment.

Two years after serving during the Korean War, Jasper Johns dreamt that he painted a picture of an American flag. The next morning he awoke to begin work on what would become one of his most seminal works — also, his most expensive painting to date.

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